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The Quarterly

Vol. 21, No. 4, 1999

A Personal Bibliographic Essay
By Marion S. MacLean, Marian M. Mohr
In this excerpt from Teacher-Researchers at Work, the authors share an annotated introduction to the many works that have informed their many years of work in the field of teacher research....

Annotated Bibliography on Teaching English Language Learners
By Norma Mota-Altman
Mota–Altman developed a close–to–comprehensive (when written) bibliography of the most important works available on the teaching of English language learners....

Book Review: How to Catch a Shark, by Donald Graves
By Bob Sizoo
Book reviewer Bob Sizoo states, "In To Catch a Shark, Don Graves examines his own learning -- but not those lessons during his formal education....

Book Review: The Courage to Teach, by Parker Palmer
By Andy Jackl, Nan Massengil, Sherri Merritt, Ruie Pritchard
The authors each describe ways that Palmer's text, with its emphasis on "connectedness," has led them to explore the "inner landscapes" of their teaching lives....

Drawing: Another Path to Understanding
By Theresa Manchey
Manchey examines her strategy of asking students to draw in response to literature and concludes that this helps students understand large concepts, serves as a memory aid, and prompts students to learn from each other....

I Was a Journal-Topic Junkie
By Anna Collins Trest
In this 1999 Quarterly article, Anna Collins Trest reflects on being seduced by a classroom fad of the time....

No Excuses: An Interview with Eugene Garcia
By Art Peterson
Garcia focuses on recommendations directed at teachers of Hispanic students in a report issued by the U....

Puny Poetry Meets Its Match
By Jim Horrell, Gerri Ruckel
By presenting a series of scaffolded lessons, the authors demonstrate how they lead student from poems with wordplay and no meaning to works of sophisticated self-expression....

Revising Words, Revising Worlds
By Greta Vollmer
Citing a reluctance on the part of many ELL teachers to use peer response as a strategy, Vollmer argues for the cross–cultural understanding that peer response can encourage in a multilingual environment....

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