National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 22, No. 2, 2000

A Cure for Writer's Block: Writing for Real Audiences
By Anne Rodier
By reconstructing a dialogue with one of her students, Rodier supports her belief that "if your writing has no possibility of ....

An Intimate Exchange: First Voice
By Ellen Newberry

An Intimate Exchange: Second Voice
By Terri Frase

Book Review: Mosaic of Thought, by Ellin Oliver Keene and Susan Zimmerman
By Sheryl Lain

Book Review: The Mythology of Voice, by Darsie Bowden
By Monie Hayes

How Did You Do That? The Secrets of Strong Writers
By Dean Smith
Smith searches for some of the commonalities of strong writing among his students: a clear focus, developed ideas, sentence variety, voice, and few mechanical errors that get in the way of comprehension....

Lessons in Literacy: What a Five-Year-Old Taught Her Teacher-Mom
By Eve Newsome
Newsome, a teacher and a mother, isolates elements that helped her five-year-old to grow in literacy: exposure to language, availability of tools from books to pencils, and opportunities to write....

On Coaching the Writer
By Jon Appleby

Peterson's Credo
By Alina Sivorinovsky
Siviornovksy, a professional writer who was a former student of NWP editor Art Peterson, reminisces about some advice her former teacher gave her: "Think about what you want to say....

Teaching in Two Worlds: Critical Reflection and Teacher Change in the Writing Center
By Dale Jacobs
Jacobs reflects on ways his experience working in a college writing center led him to revise his approach to classroom teaching, leading him to a pedagogy that was more student centered and focused on individuals....

The Writer's Eye: Using the Writer's Notebook as a Lens to View the World
By Scott Peterson

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