National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 23, No. 2, 2001

Author to Author: How Text Influences Young Writers
By Dina Sechio DeCristofaro
Fifth grade teacher Dina Sechio Decristofaro examines the relationship between what students read and what they write....

Book Review: Reading Reminders, by Jim Burke
By Jane Braunger
Jane Braunger reviews Reading Reminders: Tools, Tips, and Techniques by Jim Burke....

Everything I Know About Teaching Language Arts I Learned at the Office Supply Store
By Kathleen O'Shaughnessy
O'Shaughnessy describes classroom practices using ordinary office supplies that help her feel competent and in control of her classroom....

Lessons from Tony: Betrayal and Trust in Teacher Research
By Sharon K. Miller
When Miller's student ultimately refuses to give up ownership of his work, the experience shapes her thinking regarding the relationship between the teacher-researcher, her students, and the data that are the work of those students....

Telling the Louisiana Story
By Charles Larroque
Larroque, a teacher–consultant at the Acadiana Writing Project, examines the idea of introducing a French writing institute to support the teachers and students of French language programs in southern Louisiana....

The Writing Process Rejected
By Orlean R. Anderson
By providing examples of student composition methods from his own classroom, Anderson makes the case that "the" writing process is a dangerous misnomer....

Toward an Urban New York Spanish Curriculum
By Nathan Dudley
Dudley, a teacher of Spanish–speaking students in his Spanish class, argues for such reforms as the inclusion of Spanglish, relevant texts, and an immersion program that allows real language acquisition to take place....

Using Favorite Songs as Prompts
By Michael Fulton

Works in Progress: First-Year College Students after EN101
By Helen Collins Sitler
Sitler wonders whether her first-year college students are transferring the writing knowledge they take from her class to new contexts when they leave it....

Writing, in French: A Little Background
By Ann Dobie
Twenty teachers involved in French immersion and bilingual programs participated in National Writing Project of Acadiana's first French writing institute....

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