National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 23, No. 3, 2001

“Let's Talk”: Building a Bridge Between Home and School
By Catherine Humphrey
High school teacher Catherine Humphrey describes what happened when she began asking students to discuss classroom ideas at home, and offers some tips for promoting quality verbal interaction....

A Voice That Is Heard: Living the Writing Project Philosophy as Coaches
By Sidnie Myrick
Myrick describes how the key to successful coaching is the belief that a coach is no more and no less than a partner in this process....

Book Review: A Composition of Consciousness, by Patricia H. Perry
By Monie Hayes
Monie Hayes reviews A Composition of Consciousness: Roads of Reflection from Freire to Elbow, by Patricia H....

Book Review: Teaching Reading in the Middle School, by Laura Robb
By Suzanne Cherry
Suzanne Cherry reviews Teaching Reading in Middle School: A Strategic Approach to Teaching Reading That Improves Comprehension and Thinking by Laura Robb....

Episodic Fiction: Another Way to Tell a Story
By Pen Campbell, Dan Holt
Using as a model John O'Brien's story "Birds"— in which separate episodes are juxtaposed for the reader to weave together into a story—the writers experiment with this form for themselves and in their classrooms....

Tensing Up: Moving From Fluency to Flair
By Suzanne Linebarger
Fourth grade teacher Linebarger describes how she helped her students introduce narrative tension into their already prolific writing....

We All Have “Lots of Yesterdays”: How Creative Nonfiction Enlivens the Secondary Writing Classroom
By Meredith Eastburn
High school senior Eastburn introduces a group of middle school students to creative nonfiction, helping them understand that "there's something more to nonfiction than the facts they find in textbooks....

Working with Beginning Writers
By Alisa Daniel
Daniel writes that students need to see their teachers write....

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