National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 25, No. 1, 2003

Because Writing Matters: A Book That Shares What We Know
By Art Peterson
This NWP book pulls together the concepts that have generated the successful practice of writing project teachers and makes the case for what needs to be done to advance the teaching of writing in schools....

Book Review: Reinventing English: Teaching in the Contact Zone, by John Gaughan
By Jack Caswell
Caswell finds Gaughan's ideas about teaching in an area where values and beliefs can clash innovative but impractical in real-world classrooms....

Book Review: Teaching Powerful Writing, by Bob Sizoo
By Pen Campbell
Campbell compares Sizoo's book to a homemade fruit cake packed with short, well-crafted personal narratives by teachers and professional writers and a wealth of practical tools for teaching....

Completing the Paradigm Shift to Process Writing: The Need to Lead
By Samuel Totten
According to Totten, writing reforms have not brought a "paradigm shift" in the way writing is taught....

Contributors to The Quarterly 2002
By NWP Staff
A list of authors who contributed to The Quarterly in 2002....

I Am... Not
By Karen Brown
In this tongue-in-cheek parody, writer Karen Brown plays with "rules" for her writing classroom....

Learning About Ourselves from Looking at Others
By Mary Ann Smith
Smith observes a teachers-teaching-teachers model in use in a different field....

Reflections on an Online Teachers Writing Group

A teacher describes the parallels and differences between her own experience in an online writing group and the experience she gives her student writing groups in her classroom....

Tolerating Intolerance: Resisting the Urge to Silence Student Opinion in the Writing Classroom
By Sarah Rider
Encountering one student's white supremacist views, a teacher realizes that the expression of diverse opinions in class mustn't be restricted to those that please the instructor....

Why I Don't Like Mr. Grimes
By Chris Panell

Writing Across the Hidden Curriculum
By William Strong
Strong's "hidden curriculum" is a collection of assumptions, such as "writing in school is something you do to get a grade....

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