National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 26, No. 1, 2004

Book Review: “Reading Don't Fix No Chevys”: Literacy in the Lives of Young Men, by Michael Smith and Jeffrey Wilhelm
By Bob Sizoo
Bob Sizoo reviews "Reading Don't Fix No Chevys": Literacy in the Lives of Young Men, which examines how to engage boys in school literacy....

Book Review: Breaking the Rules, by Edgar H. Schuster
By Jack Caswell
Caswell reviews Breaking the Rules: Liberating Writers Through Innovative Grammar Instruction, which makes a case for eschewing traditional grammar instruction....

Book Review: In the First Few Years: Reflections of a Beginning Teacher, by Tina Humphrey
By Liz Stephens
Stephens reviews In the First Few Years: Reflections of a Beginning Teacher, which explores the new teacher's experience....

English Language Learners, Classroom Drama
By Dana Loy
Through a drama and playwriting project, Dana Loy discovers a strategy to engage her Spanish-speaking eighth-graders that both taps into and strengthens their academic skills....

I Can't See You, But I Know You: An Intergenerational Literacy Program
By Anne DiPardo, Pat Schnack
The authors describe an intergenerational literacy program in which senior-citizen volunteers and eighth-graders engaged in joint literacy activities....

Narrative Writing Works Magic in the ELD Classroom
By Lisa Ummel-Ingram
Using personal stories as the basis for their projects, Lisa Ummel-Ingram's third-graders created text, storyboards, and art that led to complete books....

On the Experience of Writing In the First Few Years
By Tina Humphrey
Tina Humphrey shares a few words about the process of writing and publishing In the First Few Years: Reflections of a Beginning Teacher....

On the Experience of Writing: The Title Fight
By Michael W. Smith, Jeffrey D. Wilhelm
Michael Smith and Jeff Wilhelm share a few words about the experience of writing and publishing "Reading Don't Fix No Chevys": Literacy in the Lives of Young Men....

Teacher Technology Toolboxes
By Glen L. Bledsoe
Reacting to what he sees as the increasingly standardized nature of classroom technology and computer instruction, Bledsoe establishes that standardization does not always lead to the betterment of teachers, pupils, or education in general....

The Five-Paragraph Theme Redux
By Elizabeth Rorschach
Rorschach argues that the preset format of the five-paragraph essay lulls students into nonthinking conformity....

Thirty Minutes with Mikal
By Beverly Alsleben
Beverly Alsleben encounters many misunderstandings and miscues as she works with Mikal, an adult English language learner....

This Issue's Special Section: Teaching English Language Learners
By Amy Bauman, Art Peterson

Walking in Our Students' Shoes: Reading Teachers and the Writing Project Model
By Peter Kittle
Kittle recounts his experience with reading teachers—in all disciplines—who are also learning and practicing new reading strategies to advance learning in their classrooms....

Want to Connect with Other Teachers Interested in English Language Learners?
By NWP Staff
An invitation to teachers to become part of NWP's ELL network, which supports education about and awareness of English language learners' issues and sponsors opportunities for teachers to reflect on their ELL practices....

Writing Spaces: Expanding the One-Story House
By Elizabeth Leiknes
The principles of the writing process are everywhere....

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