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The Quarterly

Vol. 26, No. 4, 2004

Book Review: About the Authors, by Katie Wood Ray with Lisa B. Cleaveland
By Sherry Dolgoff
Sherry Dolgoff reviews About the Authors: Writing Workshops with Our Youngest Writers, by Katie Wood Ray with Lisa B....

Book Review: Literacies, Lies, and Silences: Girls Writing Lives, by Heather E. Bruce
By Shirley Brown
Brown reviews this text, which demonstrates how the inclusion of intensive writing in a women's studies course can enable girls to reexamine their lives and gain courage to know and be themselves....

Book Review: Literary Ideas and Scripts for Young Playwrights, by Lisa Kaniut Cobb
By Nancy McCorkle
Nancy McCorkle reviews this book for teachers of third through eighth grade, which shows how to use familiar poetry, fairy tales, and historical events as the basis for students to write and perform their own plays....

Building a Community of Stories and Writers: Lake Wobegon Comes to the Classroom
By Lesley Roessing
Inspired by Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion, Roessing has her middle school students collaborate to create their own fictional communities, write stories about the inhabitants, and finally produce radio shows from their stories....

By Randy Koch
A poem by Randy Koch....

Linking Genre to Standards and Equity
By Tom Fox
Fox describes the work of teachers who link genre and purpose, bridging the gap between disenfranchised students and schools....

Music and the Personal Narrative: The Dual Track to Meaningful Writing
By Chris Goering
Goering describes his "Soundtrack of Your Life" assignment, in which students reflect on their lives using songs....

On the Experience of Writing Literacies, Lies and Silences
By Heather E. Bruce
Heather Bruce describes her experience writing and publishing her book....

Poetry for Left-Brainers
By Judy Willis
Self-proclaimed "left-brainer" Judy Willis has always avoided poetry....

Reflections on Race in the Urban Classroom
By Janice Jones
Jones describes her mishandling of her encounter with the only white student in a class of primarily African American and Latino students....

The Myth of “Next Year's Class”
By Lori Pohlman
Pohlman describes two classes, one a sparkling success and the other an intense challenge....

Thirteen Ways of Looking at Writing
By Jane Hancock
Inspired by Wallace Stevens' "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird," Jane Hancock, co-director of the UCLA Writing Project, calls on a group of writing project teacher-consultants to come up with thirteen ways of looking at writing....

Where Writing Really Begins
By Randy Koch
Responding to students' writing, Randy Koch notes, is the most time-consuming and important part of a writing teacher's job....

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By NWP Staff

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