National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 27, No. 1, 2005

“I’m a Writer Now!” The Who, Where, and When of an ELL Newspaper
By Joe Bellino
Bellino, a teacher of English language learners, describes the process of publishing a newspaper written by his students and talks about how this paper has positively affected readers, writers, and the school....

Book Review: Lifers: Learning from At-Risk Adolescent Readers, by Pamela Mueller
By Emily Noble
This book describes the experience—in their own words—of several at-risk students who have been struggling with reading for years....

Elbow Room: Tweaking Response in the Secondary Classroom
By Anne Marie Liebel
Astonished by her eleventh-grade students' enthusiastic response when she asks them to help her revise a piece of her own writing, Ann Marie Liebel began implementing response groups, a technique described by Peter Elbow in his book Writing Without Teachers....

Finding the Black Ninja Fish: Revision and Writing Groups in the First Grade
By Joanna Franklin
Joanna Franklin lays out the instructional sequence she implements in her first grade class to teach revision....

Lorenzo and a Christmas Door to Remember
By Melba Salazar-Lucio
A Christmas door–decorating contest inspires a class of at-risk high school students to drop their apathy, and a Christmas card from the teacher touches one student more deeply than she could have imagined....

Poem: Revision
By David Wolinsky

Poem: The Five-Paragraph Essay
By Ray Skjelbred

The How of Writing: First-Graders Learn Craft
By Glorianne Bradshaw
For her first grade class, Bradshaw adapts techniques she learns from upper grade teachers, working with Arnold Lobel's Frog and Toad books....

What Real Professionalism Requires
By Pam Cheng
A beginning second grade teacher describes how she measured her professionalism by rigorous yardsticks: standards, accountability, high expectations....

Writing with William
By Margaret Simon
Simon describes tutoring a fifth–grader in writing, introducing him to techniques such as sentence variety....

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