National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 27, No. 2, 2005

Book Review: I Am a Pencil: A Teacher, His Kids, and Their World of Stories
By Mike Rush
Rush reviews this text, which chronicles the author's transformative experience working for three years with a class of children in Queens through the Teachers & Writers Collaborative....

Book Review: Nonfiction Writing: From the Inside Out—Writing Lessons Inspired by Conversations with Leading Authors, by Laura Robb
By Rus VanWestervelt
Laura Robb's Nonfiction Writing: From the Inside Out redefines the genre of nonfiction writing, encouraging creativity and relevance for both the reader and the writer....

Book Review: Ten Easy Ways to Use Technology in the English Classroom
By Cheryl Wozniak
Ten Easy Ways to Use Technology in the English Classroom offers techniques for using video, television, movies, and the Internet to present material in a way that engages and makes more sense to contemporary students....

Creating Empathetic Connections to Literature
By Lesley Roessing
Taken aback by her eighth grade students' dry-eyed response to The Diary of Anne Frank, Roessing finds a way to help students convert the them they encounter in multicultural literature into us....

Place-Based Poetry, One Step at a Time
By Ann Gardner
Gardner's student, who had never seen a free-form poem, writes successfully in free-form style when he is exposed to works in this mode and led through a revision one step at a time....

Voces del Corazón: Voices from the Heart
By Dolores S. Perez
NWP Project Outreach member Dolores Perez was committed to facilitating, in her low-income community, the project's goals of "access, relevance, and diversity....

Working with a Mandated Curriculum
By Kelly Lock
Much as we might wish otherwise, teachers seem to be living through an era of mandated pedagogy, much of it inflicted top down and with little thought or preparation....

Writing Outside the Bars: A Journey of Self-Discovery
By Maureen Geraghty, Jevon Jackson
Geraghty came to know Jackson, a convicted murderer at age sixteen, when she taught him in a juvenile detention center....

Writing to Learn for Preservice Teachers
By Samuel Totten
Why do few teachers incorporate writing-to-learn strategies into their classrooms? The answer, according to the author, is not very complicated: they have never been taught these strategies....

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