National Writing Project

The Voice

Vol. 5, No. 1, 2000

Arkansas TCs Contribute Reflectionis to Ed Textbook
By Stephanie Vanderslice

Awards and Accolades
By NWP Staff

Congressman DeMint Visits Spartanburg Writing Project
By NWP Staff

Director's Update
By Richard Sterling

Federal Education Update
By Ellin Nolan
The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) which establishes more than 40 education programs will expire at the end of 2000 and must receive Congressional reauthorization for the next five years....

Finding Answers to the Summer Institute
By Susan Bennett
NWP directors, co-directors, and teacher-consultants representing at least 40 states and three countries uncovered scores of solutions to "frequently asked questions" in Denver at the NWP Annual Meeting....

Grant Opportunities
By NWP Staff

Joni Chancer Wins Fred Hechinger Award
By Art Peterson
A profile of 1999 Hechinger Award Winner Joni Chancer....

By NWP Staff

Parent Homework Bridges the Teacher-Student Gap
By Mary Buckelew
Mary Buckelew uses parent homework to personally connect with her students and their families....

Record Attendance at Mile-high Meeting
By NWP Staff

Recruiting Tips for a New Site: A Year-One Story
By Liz Stephens
Site Director Stephens describes her strategies for promoting the new Central Texas Writing Project and recruiting for the site's first invitational summer institute....

Rural Sites Leader Ann Dobie Honored
By Robert Lamm
A highlight of the recent Rural Sites Network meeting at Denver was a tribute to RSN founder Ann Dobie (Director, NWP of Acadiana)....

Rural Sites Network Welcomes New Leaders
By Robert Lamm
The NWP Rural Sites Network (RSN) celebrated recent achievements while advancing in new and exciting directors at its annual half-day meeting in Denver in November....

Struggling Against Culture and Power
By Jeannie Oakes
Outreach programs confront powerful cultural forces bent on preserving the status quo....

Tapping the Potential: Building Teacher Leadership While Rethinking Your Site
By Ellen Brinkley, Anne-Marie Hall
Why is it that some directors stick around for years and others do not? Why do some "burn out" while others are energized by their work?....

The Key to Recruiting: Teachers Nominating Teachers
By Carol Tateishi
Carol Tateishi, director of the Bay Area Writing Project, discusses strategies for summer institute recruitment....

Wall of Literacy Learning Exemplifies Student Writing
By Lynne Alvine
Members of the Rural Voices team and the site directors from the Southcentral Pennsylvania Writing Project create a "wall of literacy" which exemplifies students' writing development across the age ranges....

Why 2K Is OK
By Julia Tucker-Lloyd
Juia Tucker-Lloyd discusses the impact of technology on the classroom....

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