National Writing Project

The Voice

Vol. 1, No. 1, 1996

Grant Opportunities
By NWP Staff

In The Spotlight: Greg Larkin
By Andy Bradshaw

Is Whole Language Doomed?
By Harvey Daniels
Daniels asserts that whole language advocates must answer critics by insisting that whole language does not mean "no standards," that genuine whole language teachers always teach children the so-called "basics," including phonics....

NWP Network Expands into Cyberspace
By Christina Cantrill

NWP Newsbriefs
By NWP Staff

On the Heels of Last Year's Success, Sites Gear up for New Federal Campaign
By Andy Bradshaw

One Director's Role as Leader, Contextualizer, Researcher, Enabler, and Site Conscience
By Sheridan Blau
Blau reflects on the varied roles a site director needs to hold in focus as he or she pursues the director's job....

One Teacher's Timeless Resolutions
By Carol Jago
Jago promises herself to return every parent phone call, avoid sarcasm, "read in class when my students are reading," and more....

Rollin' Down the River at the NWP Directors' Retreat in Northern Arizona
By NWP Staff
The first NWP Directors Retreat took place in Arizona, May 31-June 6, 1996....

Sites Helping Sites: Technical Assistance NWP Style
By Jo Fyfe
Fyfe makes a claim for technical assistance as a way of allowing sites new perspectives on ways they might change and grow....

Teachers Explore Diversity, Access Issues through Project Outreach
By NWP Staff

Teachers Venture Out for New Perspective through National Writing Project's Teacher Exchange Program
By Pat Fox

Welcome to the Voice - A note from NWP Executive Director Richard Sterling
By Richard Sterling

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