National Writing Project

The Voice

Vol. 1, No. 2, 1996

"Write for Your Life" Promotes Teen Literacy, Well-Being
By NWP Staff
Ten NWP sites are involved with this program, which empowers children to create healthier futures for themselves by making their health the focus of their study....

Celebrating the People Who Are the National Writing Project
By Richard Sterling

Grant Opportunities
By NWP Staff

History of National Writing Project Appears in Kappan Magazine
By NWP Staff

Long Hours, Low Pay, Endless Compromises: The Not-So-Big Jump from Teaching to Politicking
By Fran Simone
Simone follows the campaign of former site director and teacher Charlotte Pritt as she runs for governor of West Virginia, concluding that there is a direct relationship between effective teaching and effective governing....

Nation's Top Teacher Honor Goes to Minnesota Writing Project TC
By NWP Staff

National Education Commission Recognizes NWP
By NWP Staff

NWP Newsbriefs
By NWP Staff

Resources for Teachers and Students
By NWP Staff

Spotlight on the World of Four Bilingual Educators
By NWP Staff
Four bilingual teachers discuss how and why they became bilingual educators, and provide insights into the students they teach....

Summer Inauguration of Project Outreach
By NWP Staff

Taking Murray Personally
By Paul Epstein, Fran Simone

Teachers, Scholars from 16 Countries Drawn to Global Conversations
By Ann Dobie

Writing Project Teacher Earns 'Good Neighbor' Award
By NWP Staff

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