National Writing Project

The Voice

Vol. 3, No. 1, 1998

A Teacher's Poem
By Lisa Lauritzen

Awards and Accolades
By NWP Staff

Director's Update
By Richard Sterling

Grant Opportunities
By NWP Staff

National Writing Project Earns a Place in Clinton's Budget
By Mary Ann Smith

NWP E-Journal
By Christina Cantrill, Gary Obermeyer
Cantrill and Obermyer consider the origins, nature, glitches, and strengths of NWP's e-journal....

NWP Newsbriefs
By NWP Staff

NWP Programs Boost Nation's Young Writers
By Art Peterson

Rural Sites Network Teachers Celebrate Rural Heritage at Detroit Conference
By Robert Lamm
The Rural Sites Network held its second annual Networking Day in Detroit....

Simon, Helena
By Ray Skjelbred

The Boys on the Bus:A Teacher's Mindful Commute
By Jeff Zorn

Toward the Separation of School and State
By Sheridan Blau

Western Massachusetts WP Finds 'Real' Audiences for Student Writing
By Diana Callahan, Pat Hunter, Charles Moran, Bruce Penniman
Several publication projects sponsored by WMWP involve students and teachers in creating writing for real audiences....

With Nerves and Verve, New Directors Jump In
By Art Peterson

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