National Writing Project

The Voice

Vol. 4, No. 3, 1999

Awards & Accolades
By NWP Staff

Director's Update
By Richard Sterling

Don't Bite Off da Skreets
By Monica McDonald
McDonald, an African American, argues for the pedagogical value of sometimes communicating with her African American students using recent—and foreign to her—slang....

Grant Opportunities
By NWP Staff

Kidswrite 1999: A Summer of Writing Fun
By Lynette Terrell

National Certification Draws NWP TCs
By NWP Staff

NBPTS: Six Stages of Certification
By Nancy J. Larsen

NWP Mountaineers Reflect on Summer Directors' Retreat
By John Hagaman, Sherry Swain
John Hagaman of the Western Kentucky Writing Project gives a chronological account of the 1999 Directors Retreat....

NWP Reauthorization Co-Sponsors
By NWP Staff

NWP Responds to NAEP Writing Assessment
By NWP Staff

Oklahoma Teacher Consultants Recount NBPTS Certification Process
By Janis Cramer

Professional Conversations Online - A selection of ongoing conversations in cyberspace for educators
By Christina Cantrill

Rediscovering the Passion to Teach
By Diane Scollay
Scollay reflects on how the success of her summer institute demonstration propelled her from a teacher "considering another job" to one who has taught more than 1,000 teachers about the writing process....

Reflections on Annual Meetings Past
By Mary Ann Smith

Teacher Research Crucial to Success of Profession
By Richard Sterling
NWP Executive Director Sterling stresses the need for NWP teachers to continue their work as teacher-researchers, "taking charge of difficult educational question, investigating complex problems, and sharing finding with our colleagues....

The Face of a Question

Tulsa Writing Camp
By Eileen Simmons
Simmons describes how the Oklahoma State University Writing project developed a summer writing camp at two elementary schools, in which the schools' teachers serve as faculty after two weeks of professional development work with OSUWP teachers....

What Coaching Football Taught Me about Teaching Writing
By Dan Holt
Like a football coach, writes Holt, a writing teacher can't stand on the sidelines....

Writing Workshop in El Salvador: Intercambio Popular
By Audrey Fielding

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