National Writing Project

The Voice

Vol. 6, No. 1, 2001

Awards and Accolades
By NWP Staff
Find out your colleagues' latest awards and publications....

Brief Reviews of Major Works of James Moffett
By John Warnock
John Warnock briefly sketches the works of James Moffett, emphasizing ideas for classroom practice found in his work....

Director's Update
By Richard Sterling

Directors Retreat Reunion Held at NWP Annual Meeting
By Barbara Bass
Ten NWP site directors gathered for an informal reunion in Milwaukee to discuss the value of the annual Directors Retreat and to revisit some of the many good ideas and plans generated there....

English Language Learners Network Meets in Milwaukee
By Lisa Ummel-Ingram
A summary of ELL Network events in Milwaukee, upcoming events and meetings, and a list of the network's goals....

From the Outside Looking In
By Becky Young
Getting an understanding of the writing project and its teachers through the eyes of California Writing Project program assistant Rebecca Young....

I Still Call Myself A Teacher
By Ron Davis
Ron Davis, a high-school teacher in Wisconsin, recalls an incident with a troubled student that revealed a dark side to being a teacher....

Illinois, Washington Teachers Share Moffett Award
By Art Peterson
The 2000 Moffett Award winners were named at the NWP Annual Meeting in Milwaukee: Judith Ruhana, Diane Babcock, and Carla Jankowski....

My Mom, A Croc, and Mr. Gourley: The Making of An English Teacher
By Sheelagh Straub
Sheelagh Straub reminisces about reading and developing a rich vocabulary in her youth and remembers a teacher who taught her to dig a little deeper in her writing....

NWP Evaluation Shows Promising First-Year Results
By Roxanne Barber
Early results of NWP's national evaluation are in and they show that students of writing project teachers made significant progress in writing during the first year of the study....

NWP Office on the Move
By NWP Staff
NWP staff are looking forward to moving to a new location in downtown Berkeley in spring 2001....

NWP Supports the Great Work You Do with Great Books for Your Teaching Practice
By NWP Staff
Teachers at the Center recounts the exciting early years of the National Writing Project in personal, insightful, and humorous stories that only James Gray, its founder, could tell....

Paul Allison Named 2000 Fred Hechinger Award Winner
By Amy Bauman
Paul Allison, a teacher-consultant at the New York City Writing Project, was awarded the 2000 Fred Hechinger Award at the NWP Annual Meeting in Milwaukee....

Rural Sites Teachers Inspire Community Connections
By Phip Ross
An overview of three different community-based projects--by Mary Beth Crovetto, Amy Hottovy, and Colleen Myers--presented at the Rural Sites meeting in Milwaukee....

Share Your Writing Project with a South African Teacher
By Judith Baker, Amy Bauman
Information about how sites can invite South African teachers to attend their summer institutes, and updates about what previous year's South African writing project Fellows are doing....

Teacher-Writers Enjoy Palm Springs Writing Retreat
By Jane Hancock
Jane Hancock describes the pleasure of having time to write at California Writing Project's statewide writing retreat....

Testing: What Is a Teacher to Do?
By Pete Shaheen
Pete Shaheen discusses the current glut of educational testing and argues that instead of ignoring the current trends, writing project teachers need to speak out and become active in the debates if they want to have a say in the future of language arts instruction....

Undrowning: A Rediscovery of the Power of Student Voice
By Nannette Overley
Attending an NWP–sponsored Centre for Social Action meeting, Overley, a teacher at an alternative school in Santa Cruz, California, realizes that her best teaching has resulted from following a process similar to CSA's....

Writing Within a Community
By Kim Bridgford
Kim Bridgford describes how the act of sharing writing—with just one person or a group—gives writers necessary feedback and provides them with a sense of the larger community....

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