National Writing Project

The Voice

Vol. 6, No. 4, 2001

English Journal Reviews Teacher-Researchers
By NWP Staff
Don't miss the English Journal review of the NWP book Teacher- Researchers at Work....

American Council on Education Backs NWP
By NWP Staff
In a letter to Congress, the American Council on Education and 11 other organizations supported the NWP's inclusion in the new elementary and secondary education bill....

Awards and Accolades
By NWP Staff
Find out your colleagues' latest awards and publications ....

CEF Honors NWP Supporters on Capitol Hill
By NWP Staff

Director's Update
By Richard Sterling
An update from Executive Director Richard Sterling....

Directors Retreat to the Mountains
By Jane Kurtz
Site director Jane Kurtz offers a rich glimpse of the 2001 NWP Directors Retreat, and offers 10 compelling reasons why she was wrong to think she was too busy to attend....

Moving in New Directions
By NWP Staff
The leaders of the NWP's eight newest sites are showcased, highlighting their individual backgrounds, what brought them to the role of director, their goals as directors, and more....

NWP Annual Meeting Preview
By Roxanne Barber
Don't miss the NWP Annual Meeting in Baltimore, November 15-17, 2001....

NWP Evaluation Continues to Show Positive Results
By Andy Bradshaw
The Academy for Educational Development presents findings from an analysis of NWP teacher assignments and corresponding student work....

NWP Included in New Education Bill
By Andy Bradshaw
The Senate and House of Representatives passed education bills this summer reauthorizing NWP, which means the writing project will likely remain eligible to receive federal funding for the next five years....

NWP Technology Liaisons: New Leaders at Local Sites
By Christina Cantrill, Karen McComas
In response to the rising technology needs at local sites, NWP launched the new Technology Liaison Project....

Press Coverage Puts NWP in the News
By NWP Staff
At least 12 news agencies have written about the writing project this year....

Reflection . . .
By Rochelle Ramay

Reflection on the Sunrise Springs Writing Retreat
By Gayle Morgan

Rural Sites Network Annual Meeting
By NWP Staff
The Rural Sites Network invites NWP Annual Meeting participants to attend "Extending Our Resources, Empowering Rural Teachers," on Saturday, November 17, 2001, 1:00 to 5:00 p....

Setting Your Sites: Thoughts on Being a New NWP Site
By J. Elaine White
Although she had been a teacher-consultant at the Oklahoma Writing Project, when J....

Slinger of Mortar
By Pete Shaheen

Social Action Workshops Inspire Teachers
By Ian Boulton
Ian Boulton shares two vision statements created by teachers at the summer's Social Action Workshops in Santa Fe and Baltimore, and also shares some of the participants' messages for NWP....

State Networks Come Together in Denver
By Lisa Williams
Leaders of NWP's state networks gathered in Denver with the goal of strengthening their networks and the work of the sites within those networks....

Teacher-Researchers at Work
By Cindy O'Donnell-Allen
Don't miss the English Journal review of the NWP book Teacher-Researchers at Work....

Teachers Find Direction in Writing: Reflections on the NWP Writing Retreat in Santa Fe
By NWP Staff
NWP's Writing Retreat offers participants time to write, share their writing, and respond to the writing of others....

Urban Sites Conference 2001, Las Vegas: Two Voices
By Dennis Goode, Barbara Kato
With an article format that combines news reporting and reflective writing, Dennis Goode and Barbara Kato present a look at the conference held in April....

Writers Retreat
By John Dorroh

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