National Writing Project

The Voice

Vol. 7, No. 4, 2002

Awards and Accolades
By NWP Staff
Find out about your colleagues' latest articles, books, and awards....

Director's Update
By Richard Sterling
An update from NWP Executive Director Richard Sterling on new NWP initiatives and research, and how NWP sites may be affected by the new national emphasis on writing....

ELL Network Writing Retreat an NWP First
By Olga Frechon
Frechon describes how members of the NWP English Language Learners Network gathered in Santa Fe to write about ELL issues that affect learning and teaching....

Excerpt from Messages to Ground Zero
By Shelley Harwayne

Giving Children a Voice and Venue After 9/11
By Rus VanWestervelt
Inspired to capture moments and reflections that could be lost forever, VanWestervelt launched the 9/11 Project, which received over 200 student submissions for inclusion in the book September Eleven: Maryland Voices....

I Write Because Writing Has Saved Me
By Mindy Hardwick
Mindy Hardwick reflects on what makes a writer a writer, and, with journal entries, shows how writing has been integral during turning points in her life....

Images from Some People Are Brave
By Dawn Imamoto

Limited Increases Expected in Fiscal Year 2003 Education Funding
By NWP Staff
With elections just five weeks away, Congress has made very little progress on the education spending bill that would fund the National Writing Project next year....

NWP Annual Meeting 2002 Preview
By NWP Staff

NWP Board of Directors Holds First Meeting of 2002
By NWP Staff

NWP Launches New-Teacher Initiative
By Marci Resnick
NWP is embarking on a new initiative to support writing project sites' work with new teachers; the first phase focuses on novice teachers in urban districts....

NWP to Participate in National Book Festival
By NWP Staff
NWP joins 60 other education organizations at the National Book Festival in Washington, D....

Reflections on a Savannah Conference
By Tina Humphrey
Tina Humphrey, a relative newcomer to the writing project and to teaching, approached the Urban Sites Conference in Savannah with some nervousness, but soon found herself talking to teachers from all over the country....

Reflections on September 11
By Audrey Clarkin
A student writer reflects on how "this unforgettable moment changed the lives of many people, all people, even me....

Reflections on the 2002 NWP Directors Retreat
By Pauline Sahakian
Pauline Sahakian reflects on key issues from the 2002 NWP Directors Retreat, including inservice, budgets, partnerships, evaluation, and developing teacher leadership....

Remembering September 11
By NWP Staff
A year later, teachers discuss the role of writing in the aftermath of the tragedy, and share student projects inspired by the events....

Report Finds NWP Helps Improve Student Achievement
By NWP Staff
The Academy for Educational Development's second-year evaluation report found that NWP teachers' assignments elicit "authentic intellectual work," and their students write much more often than students without writing project teachers....

Rural Voices Radio at a Station Near You
By NWP Staff

Smithsonian, NWP Launch Partnership
By NWP Staff
NWP and the Smithsonian launched a partnership in May when writing project teachers took part in Teachers' Night, an annual celebration that introduces educators to teaching resources provided by the Smithsonian....

Some People Are Brave
By Carl Nagin
Before September 11, Dawn Imamoto's second-graders had been working on a bravery unit, which she then used to help students create a publication based on their understanding of bravery in the context of the events of that day....

State Networks Meeting Leads to New Directions
By Lisa Williams
Writing project leaders from 21 states gathered in Savannah, Georgia, to learn about how state networks can help the work of sites in their states....

Student Essay Makes Real-World Connections for Florida Classroom
By Art Peterson
Middle school teacher Michael Taylor asked his class to write about the events of September 11 and to then send their papers to the local newspaper, an assignment that landed one of his students on the Oprah show....

Talking, Oklahoman to Oklahoman
By Barbara Howry
Students from an urban community in Oklahoma, stereotyped by students from Georgia during an online exchange, learn a lesson when they realize they have stereotyped another group of students....

Teacher Inquiry Network Makes Plans for Year Ahead
By Shirley Brown, Ruth Devlin
Ruth Devlin and Shirley Brown describe TIC Network plans to help sites develop and sustain teacher inquiry communities....

The Emerging NWP Writing Retreat Model
By Art Peterson
The annual NWP Writing Retreat, which gives teachers time to reflect on their teaching and write about their practice, has become a model for local sites and networks to develop their own retreats....

Urban Sites Conference 2002, Southern Style
By E. LaWanda Ransom
As the conference chairperson for the 2002 conference, E....

Urban Sites Network Conference Documentation
By Marsha Tolbert
Middle school students benefit from a video documentation project for the Urban Sites Conference 2002....

Wherever You Go, Writing Is Hard Work
By Bill Connolly
A participant in the fourth annual NWP Writing Retreat, Bill Connolly reflects on how writing is hard, whether at sea level in New Jersey or at 6,200 feet in the desert....

Writing to Build Community in a Time of Stress
By Sarah Robbins
Robbins describes the work of the program Keeping and Creating American Communities (KCAC), and the writing assignments that a group of middle and high school teachers developed after September 11....

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