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Vol. 10, No. 1, 2005

Quarterly Drawing Winners Announced
By NWP Staff
Thirty-one people have each won a year of The Quarterly in a drawing celebrating NWP's thirty-first year....

Awards and Accolades
By NWP Staff

Dates to Remember
By NWP Staff

Director's Update
By Richard Sterling
Executive Director Richard Sterling reflects on the 2004 annual meeting and NWP's recent successes, new funding, and future direction....

E-Anthology Growing as an Online Writing and Response Forum
By Larry Barton, Peter Booth, Shirley Brown, Cathie English, Frankie Mengeling
The NWP E-Anthology is evolving into the online environment that everyone hoped it could be—a virtual community that assists participants in realizing their own visions for their writing....

Fecho, Blau Receive Prestigious NCTE Awards
By NWP Staff
Two NWP site directors, Bob Fecho and Sheridan Blau, received awards from the National Council of Teachers of English for their newly published books....

Focusing on New Sites and New-Site Directors
By Art Peterson
In the first of a new series, The Voice introduces three of the directors of the 12 new sites that became part of the NWP network in 2004: Julie Robinson, director of the Rocky Mountain Writing Project (Colorado); Pamela Carroll, director of the Florida State University Writing Project; and Robert Kibler, director of the Northern Plains Writing Project (North Dakota)....

Getting a Jump on the Work of a New Site
By J. Elaine White
A site director describes how she launched her site's programs—and learned that when she taps into the energy and expertise of the teacher-consultants, the potential for the site is unlimited....

Growing Writers Through Collaboration
By Kathy Brody
Brody recounts her fourth grade class's inspired collaboration in writing and illustrating Animalogies: A Collection of Animal Analogies, which won Scholastic's Kids Are Authors contest in 2003 and has been published by Scholastic....

Horn Island and Beyond: Mississippi Teachers Find Inspiration for a New Curriculum
By Mary Ann Smith
Mary Ann Smith recounts her visit, along with 15 others, to a remote, uninhabited island off of Mississippi—where artist Walter Anderson spent long periods painting and writing—for the purpose of contemplating harmonic learning....

NWP Copublishes Two Books on Literacy and Community
By Judith Bess
Two books recently copublished by the NWP invite teachers to see themselves as composers of community identity: Writing America: Classroom Literacy and Public Engagement, edited by Sarah Robbins and Mimi Dyer, and Writing Our Communities: Local Learning and Public Culture, edited by Dave Winter and Sarah Robbins....

NWP Focuses on Teaching and Writing in a Digital Age
By NWP Staff
NWP has launched the Technology Initiative, which provides support to NWP sites to create resources and high-quality professional development models for using technology in teaching at all grade levels....

NWP Speaks: 30 Years of Writing Project Voices
By Barbara Bass, Deborah Beis, Julie Conason, Jim Davis, Shel Hershinow, Kevin Hodgson, Bud Hunt, Judith Jester, Richard Louth, Jonathan Lovell, Jennifer Meka, Pat Mumford, Jenny Orton, Eileen Simmons, Molly Toussant
In this final installment of short personal essays, writing project teachers and site leaders describe a time they were able to make a difference because of their connection with the writing project....

Prelude to Pittsburgh: 2005 NWP Annual Meeting
By NWP Staff
It's not too early to mark your calendar for the 2005 National Writing Project Annual Meeting, November 17–19, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania....

Speak Up on Capitol Hill
By NWP Staff
The NWP Spring Meeting in April 2005 features an address by key congressional supporters, teacher visits to the offices of their senators and representatives, a keynote address by author and site director Jeffrey Wilhelm, and roundtable discussions on issues that teacher-consultants and site directors face....

Special Thanks to Voice Contributors
By NWP Staff
NWP offers appreciation to those who made the 2004 lineup possible....

Talking with Jeff Wilhelm: A Preview of the 2005 NWP Spring Meeting
By Mary Ann Smith
The featured speaker at the 2005 NWP Spring Meeting, Jeff Wilhelm has published 12 books and taught writing to a wide spectrum of students and teachers....

Tech Liaisons Discover a Whole New World—and Themselves—Through Technology Matters
By Paul Oh
The coordinator of NWP's technology liaison program describes its origins, its first Technology Matters institute, and some of the exciting projects of its minigrant-funded members....

The NWP Network Welcomes More New Sites
By NWP Staff
The NWP network welcomes its 8 new additions....

Urban Site Network Conference Looks to Future
By NWP Staff
The Gateway Writing Project will host this year's NWP Urban Sites Network Conference in St....

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