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Study of Teacher Inquiry Workshops

This research, which draws on field-based participant observation in four NWP summer institutes, provides an in-depth analysis of how NWP teacher-consultants develop and contribute to a scholarship of teaching by engaging colleagues in peer review and community use of both their practices and their inquiries into their practice.

A key dimension of teacher leadership defined in this way is the generation and dissemination of knowledge. This research explores what is referred to in NWP sites as the teaching demonstration or teacher inquiry workshop. These activities are a centerpiece of NWP's annual invitational summer institutes and function as an important means through which teachers polish, investigate, review, and publish their practices.

This study extends ongoing work on the overlooked and undervalued "genres" of practitioner research. It examines the NWP teacher inquiry workshop as an example of teachers conducting inquiries to benefit their teaching and their students' learning as well as submitting their findings for peer review and publication for widespread use.


Toward a Scholarship of Teaching Practice: Contributions from NWP Teacher Inquiry Workshops
Patricia Lambert Stock reports on her study of an overlooked genre of educational research: the teacher workshop. More ›


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