National Writing Project

Teacher Leadership Studies

The NWP sponsors a program of research that examines how teachers define and pursue the idea of leadership in their professional lives. These studies investigate how writing project teachers take on formal and informal leadership roles in order to enhance teaching and learning.

The studies examine, in addition, how participation in the writing project contributes to the development of teachers' leadership capacity and their expression of it in a variety of settings, including classrooms, schools, districts, state departments, and institutions of higher education.

This research involves more than 5,500 respondents and employs multiple mixed methods. It sheds light on how teacher-consultants draw on their classroom practice and experiences within the writing project as they work to improve the teaching of writing and the contexts in which writing is taught in our nation's schools.

Legacy Study

The Legacy Study examines the influence and contributions of the NWP by looking at the professional experiences and careers of those who have participated in local writing project sites since the NWP's genesis in 1974. More ›

Vignette Study

The Vignette Study focuses on the critical questions of how and why teachers take on leadership roles as well as how they learn leadership skills and dispositions. More ›

Study of Teacher Inquiry Workshops

This research analyzes how NWP teacher-consultants in four writing project sites contribute to the scholarship of teaching by engaging colleagues in peer review and public examination and use of their practices. More ›

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