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NWP sites conduct thousands of programs each year. Read the reports below for more details about the breadth and depth of professional development writing projects provide across the nation.

The Power of the NWP as it Makes an Evolutionary Leap Forward—An Evaluator's Perspective (2012)
This slide presentation includes an overview of data showing the NWP's cumulative leadership development and work accomplished over more than 35 years. It focuses on why the NWP is so strong and well positioned as it makes an evolutionary leap into a more uncertain funding environment: it is a true networked organization. More ›

The Enduring Quality and Value of the National Writing Project's Teacher Development Institutes (2011)
This report presents results from the 2009 Summer Institute survey and Spring 2010 follow-up survey. The results reflect NWP participants' perspectives on the quality and value of NWP institutes and follow-up programs, as well as the impact of those programs on their classroom practices and development as leaders. More ›

Understanding the Effectiveness of the National Writing Project (2011)
This slide presentation uses data from summer institute participant surveys, the annual site profile, the NWP legacy study, and the Local Site Research Initiative to demonstrate the effectiveness of the National Writing Project in providing high quality professional development that translates into improved student writing. More ›

Understanding the National Writing Project (2010)
This slide presentation aims to sharpen understanding of what the NWP is, how it serves the nation's teachers, and why federal funding for it should continue. More ›

Explaining the National Writing Project (2009)
The purpose of this slide presentation was to sharpen understanding of what the National Writing Project is and why the federal government should continue to support it. More ›

Investing in the Improvement of Education: Lessons to be Learned from the National Writing Project (2008)
The authors argue that educational progress in the United States has been limited because improvement has been treated as "expenditure, not investment." The NWP, however, provides a model that creates a "robust, cost-efficient infrastructure for education improvement. More ›

Investing in the NWP: The Creation of Educational Capital (2008)
The authors from Inverness Research argue that investment in NWP is not simply "expenditure." Rather, the NWP structure allows for the creation of varied forms of "educational capital" that contribute to the continuing improvement of writing in the nation's schools. More ›

An Evaluator's Perspective on the Importance of Federal Support of the National Writing Project (2008)
This presentation prepared by Inverness Research for the National Writing Project's April 2008 Spring Meeting explains, from an evaluator's perspective, why and how NWP represents an important federal investment in the improvement of the nation's education system. More ›

Small Federal Investment Leads to Large-Scale Improvements (2007)
Inverness Research Associates' PowerPoint presentation from the 2007 NWP Spring Meeting demonstrates how a relatively small federal investment in the NWP infrastructure leads to large-scale improvements in student writing. More ›

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