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Writing for a Change

A growing number of NWP teachers have used social action to support writing project goals in their classrooms, sites, and communities, and have themselves become experienced social action trainers.

Writing for a Change was authored by teacher-leaders at writing project sites across the country and is an example of how national dissemination of innovative teaching strategies and classroom approaches can inspire and enhance the work of sites and of individual teachers and students. Teacher-authors from the following writing project sites contributed to Writing for a Change:

  • Alcorn Writing Project, Alcorn State University, Mississippi
  • Borinquen Writing Project, University of Sacred Heart, Puerto Rico
  • District of Columbia Area Writing Project, Howard University
  • High Plains Writing Project, Eastern New Mexico University
  • Maryland Writing Project, Towson University
  • Northern Nevada Writing Project, University of Nevada, Reno
  • Southern Nevada Writing Project, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

For a complete list of authors, please see Editors and Contributors (PDF).

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