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Why I Write: 2017 National Day on Writing

October 20, 2017

The National Writing Project, NCTE, The New York Times Learning Network, and the Teaching Channel invite you to celebrate writing in all its forms: through photos, film, and graphics; pens, pencils, and computers; in graphs, etchings, and murals; on sidewalks, screens, and paper. This year we are asking people in our community to share their writing life with us. Post your writing during the National Day on Writing Tweet-Up on October 20 with the hashtag #whyiwrite.


NWP Radio: #WhyIWrite
Join us on October 12 as we prepare for the National Day on Writing as we talk with Grant Faulkner , executive director of National Novel Writing Month and Vicki Meigs-Kahlenberg , teacher and author of The Author's Apprentice about why they write, and why you should too.

NWP Radio: TopSecretStoryBox 
Shhhh.... We are going to tell you a secret, a top secret secret. Come listen in to hear about the Top Secret YA Story Box Project On October 20, we will talk to authors, teachers, and others who are excited to give you a peek inside the top secret story box.

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