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2019-2020 Request for Proposals for Regional Events for NWP Network of Sites

December 14, 2018 – February 4, 2019

The National Writing Project invites local Writing Project sites to host conferences, institutes, or events for their region. These events would support the sharing of knowledge in teaching writing, writing project program design, professional development and learning, youth programming, leadership development, and additional knowledge that writing projects create. We intend these grants to seed ongoing exchanges regionally and nationally in the absence of a national NWP annual meeting.

We anticipate awarding five grants, distributed regionally. These events would be scheduled to take place in either the 2019 or 2020 calendar year. These grants have the following requirements:

  1. Host an event that supports the dissemination of knowledge throughout the NWP network of sites. The primary audience for the event would be educators associated with the National Writing Project network of sites. Publicity for the event should be targeted regionally and nationally.
  2. Prepare a resource to support the continuation of the event in subsequent years and plan for a succession due 3 months after the event. Keep in mind the broad purpose of this grant as you write your narrative. In the absence of funding for an annual meeting, we seek ways that local writing projects can support the dissemination of writing project knowledge to writing projects, remaking the network by hosting events for each other. This grant is intended to seed such events, not provide ongoing support, therefore, narratives should include plans to disseminate information about hosting the event to other writing projects in the region in subsequent years. We welcome collaborative proposals among sites in a region.

We welcome proposals for a variety of events:

  • The event could be a conference similar to the successful NWP Midwest Conference. This conference showcased a wide range of topics. Their structure included a mix of plenary sessions and break-outs.
  • The event could be themed, wholly or partially, to take advantage of the host site's expertise or interest and attract participants who are particularly interested in the theme. The theme could address specific groups of students, such as Native American students, English Learners, or African American students, or specific issues in the teaching of writing, such as assessment, digital writing, or revision.
  • The event could also be a deep dive into writing project work, inviting a minimum of 35 participants to an extended institute or retreat on a particular topic.


  • ELIGIBILITY: Awards are contingent upon the site's timely submission of all prior-year required NWP reporting:
    • 2019–20 Continuing Association Form (due 3/1/19)
    • 2017–18 Site Participation Data (due 10/15/19)
    • Final Narrative Reporting for 2017–18 grants awarded
    • Final Budget Revision for 2017–18 grants awarded
    • Exhibit C Financial Report for 2017–18 grants awarded
  • AWARD AMOUNT: $20,000 per site
  • PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: April 16, 2019–May 31, 2020


Log in to the NWP Grant Application System (, scroll to the very bottom of the Awards page and click the blue "View Grants" button to see the list of grant opportunities available to you. On the Grants page, click "Apply Now" for the 2019-2020 SEED NWP Regional Grant. Once you click the "Apply Now" button, you will be taken to the task list to apply for this funding; this is now your application page for this grant. To return to your application later, log in and scroll down to the list titled "Your Grants", then click "Edit" next to the application.

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