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2005 NWP Authors and Issues Online

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2005 NWP Authors and Issues Online

Featuring issues of place-conscious education and the teaching of writing

April 11–22, 2005

Plan now to participate in an online conversation with Robert Brooke, editor of Rural Voices:  Place-Conscious Education and the Teaching of Writing, and Sharon Bishop and Robyn Dalton, teacher-researchers who contributed to the book.

You are invited to:
  • participate in discussions about place-conscious teaching and learning
  • share experiences about teaching and living in small towns
  • discuss issues that challenge rural schools and communities today
  • learn more about teacher-as-writer publications
  • exchange ideas about site-based programs that support teachers in rural areas.
In Rural Voices: Place-Conscious Education and the Teaching of Writing, Robert Brooke and his colleagues at the Nebraska Writing Project offer classroom-based essays written on the premise that "real accountability emerges when education teaches how to live well, actively, and fully in a given place." Read more here. (Please note: It is not necessary to have read the book in order to participate, but books are available for a discount.)

"Tapping In" to This Event (Registration)

The 2005 NWP Authors and Issues Online Conference will be held in the "NWP Building" of Tapped In. Tapped In is an online workplace of an international community of education professionals. The NWP is now an official tenant of the Tapped In online community.

The 2005 NWP Authors and Issues Online Conference is open to all writing project teachers. You may participate by becoming a member of  NWP/Tapped In . Signing up for membership affiliated with the NWP Building will give you access to all NWP events and discussions as well as the resources of the larger Tapped In community. To register for NWP tenant membership in Tapped In, go to:

An important technical note: you must be running Javascript and have cookies enabled to use the Tapped In forum. If you run into technical difficulties, many of the answers to your questions are posted on Tapped In's FAQ page at If you continue to have problems, send a note to "Contact Us" found at the top of the FAQ page on the right.

All members of the NWP/ Tapped In community will receive an email when the Authors and Issues Online Conference begins April 11. You are encouraged to join the community now to insure that you receive the email notification in April. We also encourage you to visit the forum early and read through the resources posted there.

Please note: If you are already a member of Tapped In, please contact Shirley Brown at so that you can be affiliated with the NWP for this online conference.

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