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2007 Professional Writing Retreat B

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2007 Professional Writing Retreat B

Editing and Publishing

August 2–5, 2007

Sunrise Springs
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Writing Retreat B is designed to support writers near the end of the writing process. As in Retreat A, participants join writing groups, meet with facilitators and guest editors, and spend sustained time working on their writing. To participate in this retreat, writers need to have a completed draft at the time of application. Activities in this retreat focus less on developing ideas and more on revising the presentation of those ideas.

Retreat activities include
  • narrowing down and revising work for a particular journal or audience
  • editing for accurate and effective documentation
  • integrating and using sources thoughtfully
  • line editing for clarity, economy, style, and precision.

Participants will leave this retreat with a manuscript ready for publication. Equally important, participants will leave with a set of skills and practices that enable them to support publication efforts at their local site.

How to Apply

Participation in this retreat is by online application only. Download the Application Overview and Questions (PDF). Complete your application, then send it by clicking on "Submit Your Application" below.

The pool of participants chosen will be as representative as possible of the geographic, racial, and ethnic diversity of the writing project. It will include teacher-consultants and site leaders—kindergarten through university—with a range of writing interests, experience, and content-area knowledge.

Retreat B is limited to 15 participants.

Travel and Lodging

NWP will cover the cost of meals and double-occupancy rooms. Participants are responsible for travel costs and incidentals. (Local sites may be able to help with travel expenses.)

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