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New-Site Leadership Institute Events

2008 New-Site Leadership Institute

January 18–21, 2008

Emory Conference Center
Atlanta, Georgia

The NWP New-Site Leadership Institute is an annual three-day invitational retreat that brings together directors, co-directors, and teacher-leaders of new sites during their first three years to examine the work involved in directing and developing a writing project site.

The NWP New-Site Leadership Institute invites leaders of new sites to look beyond the site's initial setup and summer institute to the development of year-round programs. The institute focuses both on a review of the NWP model and on strategic planning for the growth and development of the local site, providing site teams with specific resources as well as support and dedicated time to engage in in-depth planning.

The institute engages participants in discussions of the following:

  • Defining the role of an NWP site director and the roles of site leadership
  • Exploring the relationship between the summer invitational institute and the development of year-round programs
  • Exploring the relationship between site development and the development of teacher-leaders.


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