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2009 Professional Writing Retreats

July 16–19, 2009

Tubac Golf Resort and Spa
Tubac, Arizona

Spend July 16–19, 2009, writing about your teaching practice at Professional Writing Retreat A or B in Southern Arizona. This year the retreats will run concurrently.

The NWP Professional Writing Retreats focus on giving teachers a chance to write about the profession of teaching, share insights about their own practice, analyze and make recommendations about policy, discuss school reform, explore ideas about literacy and learning, and address a variety of concerns about teaching writing. Facilitators and guest editors provide support and coaching on site. Participants have long stretches of time to write and receive feedback from their writing group

Retreat A participants

  • Are in the draft stage of the writing process but have a clear idea of what they will write
  • Choose a target audience or publication
  • Revise to refine concepts in their piece.

Retreat A is limited to 20 participants.

Retreat B participants

  • Are near the end of the writing process and have a completed draft
  • Edit for accurate and effective documentation
  • Revise for a target journal or publication
  • Edit for clarity, economy, style, and precision.

Retreat B is limited to 15 participants.


NWP covers the cost of meals and double-occupancy rooms. Participants are responsible for travel costs and incidentals (local sites may be able to help with travel expenses).

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