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A Pre-conference Workshop at the 2011 RSN Conference

March 11, 2011

The Peabody Hotel
Little Rock, Arkansas

Throughout the country the English learner population has been growing, and rural areas have seen an increase of languages and cultures in schools once monolingual. Rural teachers are facing new challenges. This is why the English Language Learners Network is pleased to sponsor a pre-conference event at the 2011 Rural Sites Network conference.

Teachers who may have from minimal to extensive experience with English language learners will have an opportunity to share their own practices, raise questions, and engage in constructive conversations. The pre-conference facilitators are teachers from throughout the country who work with students from diverse cultures and language backgrounds and their families.

This event will engage teachers in conversations about developing cultural literacy, writing with English learners, understanding migrant students, and building site capacity in rural schools. The goal is to begin a dialogue about how to best serve English learners, whether they are recent arrivals or long-term students in our schools.



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