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Connected Educator Month—Teachers Teaching Teachers


Connected Educator Month—Teachers Teaching Teachers

October 2, 2013

Teachers Teaching Teachers (TTT) is exactly what it claims to be—an opportunity for educators to touch base as peers and colleagues about connected learning and daily practice. Held every Wednesday, New York City high school teacher Paul Allison invites open dialogue and conversations, "water cooler style," among a range of teachers and learners from K through University educators, to developers, artists, mentors, coaches, designers, makers, dreamers, and students. A special-focus webinar will kick off Connected Educator Month on October 2, and set the stage for a month-long set of conversations about connecting as learners and peers throughout the year and in a digital age. TTT is streamed live via Google Hangout at EdTechTalk and includes a chat to increase the number who are able to participate.


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