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Write My Community: The 2014 National Day on Writing

What do people need to know about your community? And how can you communicate about it? It's time to #writemycommunity

October 20, 2014

The National Writing Project, NCTE, and The New York Times Learning Network invite you to celebrate writing in all its forms: through photos, film, and graphics; pens, pencils, and computers; in graphs, etchings, and murals; on sidewalks, screens, and paper.

This year we encourage you to focus your writing on your community in any way you see fit. Post your writing during the National Day on Writing Tweet-Up on October 20 with the hashtag #writemycommunity.

Here are some examples:

Videos by Students

Social Media Posts, Photo Journals, Blogs, or Storifies

Newspaper Articles or Op-Eds

Essays, Stories, or Poems


This year, NCTE is also going to host opportunities to discuss what we can learn from the writing we create. They'll be posting opportunities throughout the month of October and early November to engage in conversations around the assessment of writing that include inquiry into things like:

  • How does our analysis of writing drive instruction?
  • How do we evaluate writing in all its wonderful forms?
  • What can we learn from collaborative discussions around individual pieces of writing?
  • And what are implications of a project like the National Day on Writing for the kinds of writing assessment we should be using our schools?


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