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The Twist Fate Challenge

March 6 – April 6, 2016


When you think about it, any hero could become a villain, and any villain, a hero. It wouldn't take much. A small change, a tiny twist of fate, a white suit or a red lightsaber, and things could be completely different.

Twist Fate is a month-long challenge for youth ages 13-17 that will kick off during Teen Tech Week on March 6, 2016 at two online communities of writers and artists: DeviantArt and Wattpad . The challenge is a pilot of a collaborative partnership between Wattpad and DeviantArt with The Young Adult Library Association and the National Writing Project as part of the Connected Learning Alliance.

During the month, youth will be challenged to pick a story and character, and create an alternate scenario where a famous hero is the villain, or an infamous villain, the hero. They can work in their favorite modes and mediums, including pictures, written stories, comic panels, illustrations, etc. (NOTE: the final submission must be in a file format accepted by DeviantArt or Wattpad, depending on where the work is submitted).

How to participate:

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