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The 2017 Memorial Library Summer Seminar on Holocaust Education in New York City


The 2017 Memorial Library Summer Seminar on Holocaust Education in New York City

An Interdisciplinary Inquiry on Teaching the Holocaust

June 17–29, 2017

New York City, New York

Applications are now open for middle school, high school, and college faculty to attend The Holocaust Educators Network's Memorial Library Summer Seminar on Holocaust Education in New York City .

The seminar encourages teachers to think creatively and collaboratively about how they teach the Holocaust, genocide, and social justice. Participants become adept at dealing with difficult material and discover how writing, dialogue, and inquiry can help motivate students toward social action. Prior experience teaching the Holocaust or focusing on social injustice in the classroom is required. Applicants should have at least five years' classroom experience and need to be at least five years from retirement.


  • The seminar will be led by Dr. Sondra Perl , professor of English and urban education at Lehman College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, founding co-director of the New York City Writing Project, and author of On Austrian Soil: Teaching Those I Was Taught to Hate. Other special guests include:
    • Alexandra Zapruder, author of Salvaged Pages
    • Irving Roth on surviving Auschwitz
    • Inge Auerbacher on being a child at Terezin
    • Mehnaz Afridi on Christian, Jewish, Muslim dialogue
    • Rabbi Greg Wall on Jewish culture and klezmer music
  • All participants receive a fellowship of $350, free housing at Columbia University, and round-trip airfare. Local transportation and most meals will be provided by the Library.
  • Course content will include reading, writing, presentations by Holocaust survivors and experts in Holocaust studies, and field trips to museums and historic sites, all with a focus on experiential learning, interactive pedagogy, and writing.
  • Following the seminar, teachers become members of the Holocaust Educators Network (HEN) . They are eligible to apply for $1,000 mini-grants to support innovative classroom projects and outreach efforts, and to become Holocaust teacher-leaders by participating in the Leadership Institute .

To Apply

Online applications are due on March 1, 2017, and can be found at .

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