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Glynda Hull

Glynda A. Hull is professor of Language, Literacy, and Culture in the Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Berkeley. Her research examines digital technologies and new literacies; adult literacy and changing contexts and requirements for work; writing and students at risk; and community/school/university partnerships.

Her books include Changing Work, Changing Workers: Critical Perspectives on Language, Literacy, and Skill; The New Work Order: Education and Literacy in the New Capitalism,with James Gee and Colin Lankshear); and School's Out! Bridging Out-of-School Literacies with Classroom Practice, with Katherine Schultz.

She offers undergraduate and graduate courses in education and was recently awarded UC Berkeley's highest honor for teaching, the "Distinguished Teaching Award."

In 2001, with Michael James from Oakland, CA, she co-founded DUSTY (Digital Underground Storytelling for Youth), a community technology center serving youth and adults. Via DUSTY, working collaboratively with local schools, community organizations, and churches, she designs and studies after-school programs for youth and workshops for adults and seniors on multimodal composing.

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