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National Programs and Initiatives

Extending and strengthening the work of sites is a primary goal of the National Writing Project. Each NWP program supports sites and teachers in studying and improving their work and in making the fruits of their learning accessible to an increasing number of teachers and students.

E-Anthology: Summer Institute Writings and Conversations
The NWP E-Anthology is an online forum for invitational summer institute participants to publish writings and reflections, and receive feedback from colleagues. E-Anthology runs May through August every year.

Local Site Research Initiative
The Local Site Research Initiative stimulates and supports research efforts that are locally defined and locally responsive while adding to national knowledge about the impact of writing project practices.

National Reading Initiative
Responding to sites' growing interest in reading, and building on the writing project's history of successful professional development in the teaching of writing, the NWP has received support from the Carnegie Corporation to launch a National Reading Initiative.

New-Teacher Initiative
With the support of the Stone Foundation, NWP has created the New-Teacher Initiative (NTI) for the purpose of learning about and developing programs for supporting new teachers in high needs schools in urban areas.

NWP Authors and Issues Online
Through NWP's national programs, we offer opportunities for NWP teachers to meet and "talk" with authors who represent the latest and best resources on writing, the teaching of writing, consulting, and research.

NWP Directors Retreat
At the NWP Directors Retreat, a diverse group of new and experienced writing project site directors from around the country gather for five days of reflective practice, learning, and visioning.

Partnership with the Centre for Social Action
Since 1999, NWP and the United Kingdom-based Centre for Social Action (CSA) have exchanged ideas at trainings, workshops, and site visits in the United Kingdom and the United States. A growing number of NWP teachers have used social action to support writing project goals in their classrooms, sites, and communities, and have themselves become experienced social action trainers.

Professional Writing Retreats
The NWP Professional Writing Retreats support one of NWP's founding principles: teachers of writing should write. The retreats highlight the value of teachers writing about their practice and create the time and support for this work. Writing from the retreats finds its way into local, regional, and national publications, making visible the beliefs and practices of writing project teachers to a broad audience of teachers, administrators, legislators, and policymakers.

Project Outreach
Project Outreach supports sites in studying and improving their work with teachers who work in low-income areas. Increasing diversity in local writing project leadership is also a goal of Project Outreach sites.

Teacher Exchange
The NWP Teacher Exchange offers sites a unique opportunity for collaboration. Participating teacher-consultants visit another site for the purpose of networking by sharing resources and program ideas and engaging in cross-site inquiry.

Technology Initiative
The NWP Technology Initiative (TI) provides opportunities for writing project sites to develop programs promoting the wise integration of technology into learning and the teaching of writing in the nation's schools. It is supported by a special supplement to the NWP federal appropriation with the goal of expanding opportunities for teachers to access high-quality resources for professional development in technology.

Technology Liaisons Network
The goal of the Technology Liaisons Network is to enhance overall writing project site development by supporting local sites' planning and use of technology for their core work.


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