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Directors Retreat in Action

Envisioning Leadership Transitions as Moments of Opportunity

Karen Hamlin, director of the Oregon Writing Project at Willamette University, reflects on how the site's visioning retreat—inspired by the NWP Directors Retreat—enabled it to achieve a balance between dreaming big and building site capacity to meet the needs of its service area. More ›

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Visioning Retreats as a Strategy for Leadership Development and Site Development

Many National Writing Project sites have found visioning retreats to be an effective strategy for bringing together directors and teacher-leaders to take stock of where the site has been and plan strategically for the future. More ›

Respected Researchers Publish Book About NWP

Ann Lieberman and Diane R. Wood analyze what makes the writing project model so successful and show how other professional development efforts can learn from it. More ›

Tapping the Potential: Building Teacher Leadership While Rethinking Your Site

Why is it that some directors stick around for years and others do not? Why do some "burn out" while others are energized by their work? More ›

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