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Visioning Retreats as a Strategy for Leadership Development and Site Development

July 2007
Pat Fox
Many National Writing Project sites have found visioning retreats to be an effective strategy for bringing together directors and teacher-leaders to take stock of where the site has been and plan strategically for the future. More ›

Respected Researchers Publish Book About NWP

The Voice, November-December 2002
Art Peterson
Ann Lieberman and Diane R. Wood analyze what makes the writing project model so successful and show how other professional development efforts can learn from it. More ›

Tapping the Potential: Building Teacher Leadership While Rethinking Your Site

The Voice, January-February 2000
Ellen Brinkley, Anne-Marie Hall
Why is it that some directors stick around for years and others do not? Why do some "burn out" while others are energized by their work? More ›


Additional Resources

Strengthening Partnerships Between Sites and Universities: Tips from Site Directors

The Voice, 2005
Betsey Bowen, Ellen Brinkley, Meg Petersen, Rick VanDeWeghe
NWP sites need their sponsoring universities to value the work they do. In this article, four writing project leaders present successful strategies for strengthening the relationship between sites and their universities. More ›

Reading in the Summer Institute: How, Why, and What

The Voice, 2004
Nick Coles, Richard Louth
Coles and Louth, seasoned writing project directors, share not only what was read in their sites' institutes, but also discuss why and how institute participants read these selections. More ›

Getting a Jump on the Work of a New Site

The Voice, 2005
J. Elaine White
A site director describes how she launched her site's programs—and learned that when she taps into the energy and expertise of the teacher-consultants, the potential for the site is unlimited. More ›

Expanding the Reach of Education Reforms: Scaling Up and Scaling Down, October 2004
NWP contributed a chapter to Expanding the Reach of Education Reforms, a new book from the RAND Corporation featuring education reform programs that have supported successful scale-up efforts. More ›

Reflections on the 2002 NWP Directors Retreat

The Voice, September-October 2002
Pauline Sahakian
Pauline Sahakian reflects on key issues from the 2002 NWP Directors Retreat, including inservice, budgets, partnerships, evaluation, and developing teacher leadership. More ›

Rejuvenating the Writing Project Vision Through the 2003 NWP Directors Retreat

The Voice, Fall 2003
Nodghia Fesperman
Learn about the activities, reflection, and knowledge gained at the 2003 NWP Directors Retreat, which focused on the theme "Because Writing Matters." More ›

Directors Retreat to the Mountains

The Voice, September-October 2001
Jane Kurtz
Site director Jane Kurtz offers a rich glimpse of the 2001 NWP Directors Retreat, and offers 10 compelling reasons why she was wrong to think she was too busy to attend. More ›

Back to Basics—Assumptions, That Is

The Voice, September-October 2000
Sherry Swain
Sherry Swain describes an exercise that directors at the 2000 NWP Directors Retreat used to take an in-depth look at three of NWP's Basic Assumptions. More ›

A Reunion and a Patchwork Quilt: Taking the Directors Retreat Home

June 2008
Nick Coles
Site leaders who attended the 2007 Directors Retreat reunite to talk about the programs and changes they've implemented at their sites. The Directors Retreat experience continues to live on in unexpected ways. More ›

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