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Praising, Questioning, Wishing: An Approach to Responding to Writing

May 2009
Brian Slusher
Responding to another's writing is always a challenging task. As a member of the E-Team behind NWP's E-Anthology, Brian Slusher discovered an effective response strategy: Praise, Question, and Wish. More ›

NWP Radio—A Glimpse into Summer Institutes Through NWP’s E-Anthology

July 2010
Halfway through the 2010 NWP Summer Institute season, NWP Blog Talk Radio checks in with the E-Anthology E-Team to hear what trends and delights they are seeing in the writing they've been reading in the E-Anthology. More ›

National Gallery of Writing Launched to Celebrate First National Day on Writing

October 2009
As part of the National Day of Writing, the National Council of Teachers of English along with 19 national partners opened the National Gallery of Writing. The Gallery features galleries by the NWP, local writing project sites, teachers, and community partners. More ›


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NWP’s E-Anthology and the National Gallery of Writing

September 2010
Mike Rush
Writing from teachers across the nation who have participated in NWP's E-Anthology is being featured on the National Gallery of Writing as one way to celebrate the National Day on Writing, which occurs this year on October 20. More ›

E-Anthology Feedback Inspires Classroom Practice

January 2010
Lisa Bottone
Lisa Bottone, a teacher-consultant with New Jersey's Kean University Writing Project, reflects on how sharing her writing and receiving feedback through the E-Anthology has influenced her teaching. She plans to use the experience in her work with colleagues. More ›

Teaching Now: Digital Writing Books

December 2009
In these recent and upcoming books, Writing Project teacher-consultants and leaders share their knowledge, experience, and expertise in the constantly evolving field of digital writing. More ›

2008 E-Anthology Overview

Summer 2008
The E-Anthology Overview is designed to help e-facilitators introduce summer institute participants to E-Anthology's different forums and tools. More ›

The E-Anthology Helps Create a Space for Access, Relevance, and Diversity

March 2008
The 2007 E-Anthology gave members of the Blackfeet tribe in Montana a venue for telling their stories—which sparked an empowering dialogue among sites across the NWP network. More ›

Finding a Voice in a Threaded Discussion Group: Talking about Literature Online

English Journal , September 2007
Cathie English
English explores the use of threaded online discussions in the literature classroom. The online discussions helped high school students develop their thoughts in greater depth than they could in classroom conversations. More ›

Guidelines for E-facilitators

April 2010
These guidelines will provide an idea of how the e-facilitator and summer institute leaders can work together for an enriching and exciting E-Anthology experience. More ›

Getting To Know the E-Anthology

May 2011
This introduction to the E-Anthology gives an overview of the forum's structure and possibilities. More ›

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