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"Powerful Continuity": Leveraging Lessons of the LSRI Experience

The Southern Nevada Writing Project's research of its Family Writing Project revealed three different areas that could have implications for the future of all of its continuity programs: developing a culture of writing, developing community, and developing professional efficacy. More ›

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Writing Project Professional Development Continues to Yield Gains in Student Writing Achievement

NWP's latest research results demonstrate that professional development programs designed and delivered by NWP sites have a positive effect on the writing achievement of students across grade levels, schools, and contexts. More ›

Variation of Writing Instructional Practices (Despite Pressures to Standardize)

Suzie Null, a teacher-consultant with the Bisti Writing Project in New Mexico, finds that middle school teachers in program improvement schools in Los Angeles who have gone through NWP programs tend to use a broader range of learning opportunities for students than teachers who haven't gone through NWP programs. More ›

Local Site Research Initiative Cohorts II and III Summary Report (2004–2005, 2005–2006)

This growing national portfolio of locally defined research projects studies the impact of the writing project model on teachers and students in a range of contexts, all featuring intensive professional development partnerships between NWP sites and schools or districts. More ›

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