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Past Projects

Cohort VI

In 2010, NWP accepted proposals for Cohort VI of the Local Site Research Initiative (LSRI). The Local Site Research Initiative is intended to build a portfolio of rigorous, context-specific evaluation studies of local writing project work. More ›

Cohort V

In 2007, the NWP funded nine sites and networks to conduct three-year research studies of their local writing project work as part of its Local Site Research Initiative (LSRI). More ›

Cohort IV

Five writing project sites in four states conducted research as part of Cohort IV of the portfolio of LSRI studies. The studies included a wide range of foci: examination of the effects of a three-year professional development project in Missouri, an Indiana study of ninth and tenth grade writing that included a comparison of state assessment and NWP Analytic Writing Continuum scores, a New York City high school study that included student outcomes as well as an investigation of literacy-related policies at the school level, a Texas study that focused on digital storytelling in a middle school, and a study conducted at New Paltz, NY, that examined the writing competence of migrant youth who are English language learners. More ›

Cohort III

LSRI Cohort III studies (2005–2006) focused on NWP programming for teachers in professional development­ settings. The four studies were conducted by writing project sites in diverse settings: Gateway Writing Project (University of Missouri, St. Louis), Mississippi Writing/Thinking Institute (Mississippi State University), New York City Writing Project (Lehman College),and South Coast Writing Project (University of California, Santa Barbara). All four studies employed quasi-experimental, comparative designs. Results of these studies document consistently positive results favoring students in the classrooms of NWP participants. The results also identify important findings that both inform the National Writing Project's work and contribute to the professional knowledge base of writing instruction, teacher effectiveness, professional development, and research into the teaching of writing. More ›

Cohort II

In June 2004, NWP launched Cohort II of the Local Site Research Initiative with awards of up to $20,000 to six sites and development grants to four additional sites. Six of the sites involved in the Cohort II studies used writing prompts drawn from the NWP Writing Assessment Archive and participated in a national NWP scoring conference in June 2005. More ›

Cohort I

In August 2003, the National Writing Project launched Cohort I of the Local Site Research Initiative with the announcement of awards to six sites. Cohort I was conceived as the first of several annual waves of local site studies. Cohort I sites pioneered an innovative approach to the evaluation of complex multisite networks like NWP, one that prizes local uniqueness and seeks to address it in locally appropriate ways. More ›

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