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New-Teacher Initiative in Action

NTI Models Help University of Mississippi Writing Project Mentor New Teachers

Drawing on the models developed by sites participating in the New-Teacher Initiative, the University of Mississippi Writing Project has implemented successful programs for new teachers in the state. More ›

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The National Writing Project's New-Teacher Initiative: A Study of Outcomes, Design, and Core Values

This report from Inverness Research Associates contains four topic-focused sections that discuss benefits to new teachers, emerging practices, design features, and the values and infrastructure that support NTI's work. More ›

The National Writing Project's New-Teacher Initiative Annual Report

Inverness Research Associates analyzes the efforts, progress, and learning of the New-Teacher Initiative over the second year of the initiative (2003–2004). It identifies strategies, practices, and models of new-teacher support, and their preliminary effects. More ›

You Expect Me to Do What? Or How the Boston Writing Project Helped Make Me the Teacher I Am Today

Johna Dowdall describes her first year in her own middle-school classroom. She feared she wouldn't survive this baptism of fire, until she had a chance encounter with the National Writing Project. More ›

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