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The National Writing Project's New-Teacher Initiative: A Study of Outcomes, Design, and Core Values

Barbara Heenan, Nina Houghton
This report from Inverness Research Associates contains four topic-focused sections that discuss benefits to new teachers, emerging practices, design features, and the values and infrastructure that support NTI's work. More ›

The National Writing Project's New-Teacher Initiative Annual Report

The National Writing Project's New-Teacher Initiative Annual Report, December 2004
Nina Houghton, Dianne Maxon, Barbara Heenan
Inverness Research Associates analyzes the efforts, progress, and learning of the New-Teacher Initiative over the second year of the initiative (2003–2004). It identifies strategies, practices, and models of new-teacher support, and their preliminary effects. More ›

You Expect Me to Do What? or How the Boston Writing Project Helped Make Me the Teacher I Am Today, January 2005
Johna Dowdall
Johna Dowdall describes her first year in her own middle-school classroom. She feared she wouldn't survive this baptism of fire, until she had a chance encounter with the National Writing Project. More ›


Additional Resources

The Writing Project and Tulsa Schools Collaborate for School Reform That Works

The Voice, 2004
Eileen Simmons
Simmons reports on how writing project inservice can support local reform efforts by centering on pedagogy and designing a program around teacher questions and concerns. More ›

Teachers Enter the “Writing Project Way”

The Voice, 2005
Linette Moorman
At 18 NWP sites, the New Teacher Initiative (NTI) provides a supportive community where novice teachers have found "solace and refuge, as well as identity and challenge as professionals." More ›

NWP New-Teacher Initiative Moves Ahead

The Voice, January-February 2003
Marci Resnick
The New-Teacher Initiative launched its work at the 2002 NWP Annual Meeting. Nine local writing project teams met to share their dreams, challenges, and plans for working with new teachers in their districts and schools. More ›

Book Review: What to Expect When You're Expected to Teach, ed. by Bramblett and Knoblauch

The Quarterly, 2004
Tina Humphrey
Tina Humphrey reviews What to Expect When You're Expected to Teach: The Anxious Craft of Teaching Composition, which examines the issues teachers face in the composition classroom. More ›

It Can't Be Taught, But It Can Be Lost

The Voice, Fall 2003
Terry Mobley
A long-time teacher rediscovers the joy of teaching as he experiences the NWP Annual Meeting through the eyes of an eager, young, and focused new teacher. More ›

On the Experience of Writing In the First Few Years

The Quarterly, 2004
Tina Humphrey
Tina Humphrey shares a few words about the process of writing and publishing In the First Few Years: Reflections of a Beginning Teacher. More ›

NWP Launches New-Teacher Initiative

The Voice, September-October 2002
Marci Resnick
NWP is embarking on a new initiative to support writing project sites' work with new teachers; the first phase focuses on novice teachers in urban districts. More ›

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