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Reflections on Race in the Urban Classroom

The Quarterly, 2004
Janice Jones
Jones describes her mishandling of her encounter with the only white student in a class of primarily African American and Latino students. Because of the experience, Jones has grown as a teacher and a person. More ›

Voces del Corazón: Voices from the Heart

The Quarterly, 2005
Dolores S. Perez
NWP Project Outreach member Dolores Perez was committed to facilitating, in her low-income community, the project's goals of "access, relevance, and diversity." Her pursuit of these goals led to Family Literacy Night. More ›

Southside Elementary Writing Focus: Site-Based Leadership Reforms the Writing Curriculum

National Writing Project At Work, March 2005
Nancy Remington, Robert McGinty
The story of an inquiry-centered approach to professional development, designed and led by teachers, that could be a model for any school. More ›


Additional Resources

The Family Writing Project Builds a Learning Community in Connecticut

The Quarterly, 2004
Valerie Diane Bolling
Connecticut teacher Bolling describes how, through NWP's Project Outreach, she learned of the Family Writing Project in Nevada and used this structure to help her school strengthen literacy and increase parent involvement. More ›

No More Fear and Loathing: The Family Writing Project in Las Vegas

The Quarterly, 2004
Arthur Kelly
Kelly, who created a family writing project to involve busy parents in their children's education, answers questions about starting a family writing project and describes activities he uses to get families writing together. More ›

Oklahoma's Marshall Plan: Combining Professional Development and Summer Writing Camps

National Writing Project At Work, March 2005
Eileen Simmons
How writing project teacher-consultants and site-based teachers collaborated to plan professional development before, during, and after a summer writing camp. More ›

The Saginaw Teacher Study Group Movement: From Pilot to Districtwide Study Groups in Four Years

National Writing Project At Work, March 2005
Mary Weaver, Mary Calliari, Janet Rentsch
The authors describe a districtwide approach to teacher-led study groups that resulted in significant changes in teacher practice and student learning as well as leadership development among teacher facilitators. More ›

The Professional Leadership Development Project

National Writing Project At Work, March 2005
Zsa Boykin, Jennifer Scrivner, Sarah Robbins
The authors describe a flexible model for promoting teacher leadership within urban schools. This monograph outlines both the individual inservice projects and the framework for leadership development that emerged from the inquiry. More ›

The Johnston Area Writing Partnership

National Writing Project at Work, November 2002
Ruie Pritchard, Sandra O'Berry, Patsy Butler
Authors Butler, O'Berry, and Pritchard recount how they have established and maintained a district-based satellite writing project an hour's distance from the NWP site. More ›

Tolerating Intolerance: Resisting the Urge to Silence Student Opinion in the Writing Classroom

The Quarterly, Winter 2003
Sarah Rider
Encountering one student's white supremacist views, a teacher realizes that the expression of diverse opinions in class mustn't be restricted to those that please the instructor. A Society of National Association Publications Gold Award winner. More ›

How Our Assumptions Affect Our Expectations

The Quarterly, Spring 2003
Jan Hillskemper
Hillskemper reminds us that teachers can drift into a set of misguided assumptions when they mistakenly believe that parents have the same values and expectations that they have. More ›

Theory, Politics, Hope, and Action

The Quarterly, 2003
Carole Edelsky
In this article Edelsky employs the arguments of theory and the techniques of case study to make a plea for rationality in the education of English language learners. More ›

Lorenzo and a Christmas Door to Remember

The Quarterly, 2005
Melba Salazar-Lucio
A Christmas door–decorating contest inspires a class of at-risk high school students to drop their apathy, and a Christmas card from the teacher touches one student more deeply than she could have imagined. More ›

Four New Monographs Published for the NWP at Work Models of Inservice Series

The Voice, 2005
Four monographs in NWP's Models of Inservice series describe inservice models that grew out of Project Outreach, which supports sites in developing programs to reach teachers of students in communities impacted by poverty. More ›

Project Outreach Plans a New Cohort

The Voice, 2005
Tom Fox
Project Outreach 3 will gather sites that are invested in the process of inquiry, eager to develop their capacity to serve teachers in low-income communities, and committed to the goals of access, relevance, and diversity. More ›

NWP Speaks: 30 Years of Writing Project Voices

The Voice, 2004
Richard Argys, Joe Bellacero, Vanessa Brown, Dana Dusbiber, Lynette Herring-Harris, Rudy J. Miera, Rochelle Ramay, Ralph Cordova
In the fourth of five parts to this series, writers reflect on their experiences in NWP national programs and at national program events. More ›

Con Respeto, I am Not Richard Rodriguez

The Voice, 2003
Norma Mota-Altman
Bilingual teacher Norma Mota–Altman recounts her experience as a Spanish–speaking child in school and explains why "English only" policies exact too high a price from English language learners and their families. More ›

NWP to Fund New Project Outreach Sites

The Voice, September-October 2000
NWP will support a new cohort of Project Outreach sites beginning in the summer of 2001. More ›

Project Outreach Transforms Professional Development
A Report from Johnston County

The Voice, September-October 2000
Sandra O'Berry, Patsy Butler
What was it like for a small, rural satellite site to join the Project Outreach Network? "Like building a plane as it taxied down the runway: risky, but we hoped it would fly." More ›

Struggling Against Culture and Power

The Voice, January-February 2000
Jeannie Oakes
Outreach programs confront powerful cultural forces bent on preserving the status quo. Alone they are unlikely to produce UC student bodies that reflect California's diversity. More ›

Annotated Bibliography on Teaching English Language Learners

The Quarterly, Fall 1999
Norma Mota-Altman
Mota–Altman developed a close–to–comprehensive (when written) bibliography of the most important works available on the teaching of English language learners. This is a sampling. More ›

Ebonics and All That Jazz: Cutting Through the Politics of Linguistics, Education, and Race

The Quarterly, Winter 1997
Michele Foster
Foster reviews the linguistic history of Ebonics, discusses instructional approaches for promoting facility with standard American English while honoring the tradition of Ebonics, and reflects on the politics surrounding the Ebonics issue. More ›

Clicking on the Icon: How Technology Helped Amplify Some “Micro-Voices”

The Quarterly, Summer 1996
Jabari Mahiri
Mahiri writes of his ill-prepared college students who "changed themselves as writers" through a co-created curriculum and the use of computers—inspiring many drafts. More ›

Summer Inauguration of Project Outreach

The Voice, Fall 1996
More ›

Teachers Explore Diversity, Access Issues through Project Outreach

The Voice, Summer 1996
More ›

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