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Writing Our Way to Success

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Writing Project teacher-consultant Andrea Heckner was a participant in the 2010 NWP Professional Writing Retreat. Writing Our Way to Success, which was begun at that retreat, chronicles much of her first year as a high school special education teacher. More ›

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Professional Writing Retreat Handbook

This Handbook offers advice about planning, funding, and conducting a retreat and provides tools and resources to help sites design local retreats. Learn more about NWP's Professional Writing Retreats. More ›

Annotated Bibliography for NWP Professional Writing Retreats

The purpose of this annotated bibliography is to showcase pieces of writing that were developed at the NWP Professional Writing Retreats. From pieces on teacher practice to books about the teaching of writing, this bibliography has something of interest for every teacher. The range of genres highlights the kind of writing that's supported at the Professional Writing Retreats each summer. More ›

Why Retreat? Nurturing Teacher Confidence, Creativity, and Camaraderie

Kristy Lauricella Dawson, a teacher-consultant of the National Writing Project at Rutgers University, writes about the importance of nurturing teacher creativity through writing retreats. Writing retreats provide an opportunity for teachers to recharge their emotional batteries, and as a result it can lead to better classroom instruction. More ›

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