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State and Regional Networks in Action

State and Regional Networks Gain Focus with Visioning Retreats

Determining what kinds of work NWP sites can do better together than separately is challenging. Many networks have used visioning retreats to discover focus areas and decide what kinds of activities add value to sites. More ›

Featured Resources

Michigan Network Learns Together About 21st Century Literacies

Responding to the wishes of many participants at two National Writing Projects of Michigan network meetings, the Red Cedar Writing Project designed a four-day, three-strand capacity-building workshop and invited every NWP site in the state to send a team. More ›

The National Writing Project: Commitment and Competence

Ann Lieberman traces how the interplay of program strength and funder acuity have yielded a writing initiative that has clarified what worked and purged what didn't. More ›

Moving from Testing Writing to Assessing Writing

This collection of resources shifts the focus from test results to improving learning and writing, and explores important questions about writing assessment. More ›

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