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Michigan Network Learns Together About 21st Century Literacies

April 2010
Laura Roop
Responding to the wishes of many participants at two National Writing Projects of Michigan network meetings, the Red Cedar Writing Project designed a four-day, three-strand capacity-building workshop and invited every NWP site in the state to send a team. More ›

The National Writing Project: Commitment and Competence

Ann Lieberman
Ann Lieberman traces how the interplay of program strength and funder acuity have yielded a writing initiative that has clarified what worked and purged what didn't. More ›

Moving from Testing Writing to Assessing Writing

October 2008
This collection of resources shifts the focus from test results to improving learning and writing, and explores important questions about writing assessment. More ›


Additional Resources

Missouri Sites Implement Literacy Academies

July 2007
Michael Muenks, the Missouri Department of Education's director of assessment, needed a professional development program to help boost literacy in underperforming middle schools. He welcomed the three-year program developed by the Missouri Writing Projects Network. More ›

Expanding the Reach of Education Reforms: Scaling Up and Scaling Down, October 2004
NWP contributed a chapter to Expanding the Reach of Education Reforms, a new book from the RAND Corporation featuring education reform programs that have supported successful scale-up efforts. More ›

NWP Plunges Teachers Into Specific Expertise With a Thorough Immersion in Writing

Journal of Staff Development, Summer 2006
Mary Ann Smith
This article from the Journal of Staff Development offers a look at the NWP model in action, reviews recent research findings, and gives recommendations for supporting teachers in their work of teaching students. More ›

The Meta Study: Toward Producing Useful and Usable Knowledge

August 2005
The Meta Study explores the usefulness of research-based knowledge to those working to improve education. Laura Stokes' case study investigates how NWP's emphasis on teacher knowledge contributes to the improvement of teaching as a whole. More ›

Because Writing Matters: A Book That Shares What We Know

The Quarterly, Winter 2003
Art Peterson
This NWP book pulls together the concepts that have generated the successful practice of writing project teachers and makes the case for what needs to be done to advance the teaching of writing in schools. More ›

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