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NWP Website Explores Digital Writing

November 2010
NWP's Digital Is website is a collection of ideas, reflections, and stories about what it means to teach writing in our digital, interconnected world. More ›

The Authors of Because Digital Writing Matters Discuss the Digital Directions of Writing

October 2010
The authors of NWP's Because Digital Writing Matters look at what educators, parents, and policymakers can do to help equip students with the technology-related communication skills they need to thrive in school and in the global workplace. More ›

Teachers Are the Center of Education: Writing, Learning and Leading in the Digital Age

May 2010
Teachers Are the Center of Education is part of a series of reports highlighting the importance of teachers and the quality of their work. This report features eight Writing Project teachers by spotlighting their innovative use of digital tools for writing and learning. More ›


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Tech Tools Used to Boost Literacy

February 2011
Jeffrey Wilhelm, director of the Boise State University Writing Project, and other teachers discuss how technology—such as webcams, audio recorders, blogs, and other Web 2.0 tools—can boost literacy in students. More ›

Writing Project Teachers Explore Connection Between Writing and "Making"

The Notebook, January 2011
The National Writing Project and MAKE Magazine are partnering to pilot a project through which teachers and students explore the connections between writing and "making," creating more invigorating assignments along the way. More ›

Teaching Writing in the Digital Age

November 2010
Joel Malley of the Western New York Writing Project created this video to document his writing instruction in a digital classroom. More ›

Definition of Writing Shifting, Maine Teacher Says

Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning, November 2010
Students of Dave Boardman, Maine Writing Project teacher-consultant, are using video, music, and various multimedia to reimagine the very meaning of reading and writing. More ›

NWP Teachers Headline Capitol Hill Event on Digital Writing

September 2010
A Congressional briefing on digital writing featured a panel of Writing Project teachers who explained how they use technology and digital writing to improve learning. More ›

MacArthur Grant Will Expand National Writing Project’s Digital Media Program

February 2010
The National Writing Project (NWP) announced today that it will receive an $800,000 grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to expand the "Digital Is" program, NWP's nationwide initiative to create and disseminate new classroom practices that use digital media to teach young people how to write. More ›

Teaching Now: Digital Writing Books

December 2009
In these recent and upcoming books, Writing Project teacher-consultants and leaders share their knowledge, experience, and expertise in the constantly evolving field of digital writing. More ›

What Kids Learn When They Create with Digital Media

December 2009
Educators, parents, researchers, students, and community members came together in a public forum, The Power of Youth Voice, in Philadelphia, to discuss the potential of learning through engagement with digital media. More ›

The New Writing Pedagogy

District Administration, November 2009
Thanks to Web-based social networking tools, the next revision of writing pedagogy—one that emphasizes digital spaces, multimedia texts, global audiences, and linked conversations among passionate readers—may be upon us. Three NWP teacher-leaders are quoted. More ›

VoiceThread Ties Together Student Voices, Images, and Writing

October 2009
Shullamuth Smith
Writing Project teachers discuss ways in which they've used the website VoiceThread with their students to create online, multimodal presentations that allow for a range of feedback. More ›

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