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Mini-Inquiries: Changing Classroom Instruction One Lesson at a Time

When a small group of language arts teachers from the Tar River Writing Project in North Carolina noticed that some students seemed less engaged in their classes, they decided to study their own practices, question their assumptions, and work systematically to change their teaching. More ›

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On Discourse Analysis Book Cover

Book Review: On Discourse Analysis in Classrooms: Approaches to Language and Literacy Research

On Discourse Analysis in Classrooms offers an alternative method to rethink traditionally accepted theories and processes related to how language and literacy events that occur in classrooms are analyzed. More ›

NWP Radio—The Southern Arizona Writing Project Teacher-Research and Inquiry Community

Visit with the site leaders and teacher-consultants from the Southern Arizona Writing Project as they describe their efforts to sustain their teacher-research and inquiry program for a new generation of teachers. More ›

What Data-Driven Instruction Should Really
Look Like

Kathie Marshall argues that data-driven instruction should come from groups of teachers working together on research and using data to improve instruction—rather than having data monitored as a way of checking NCLB "compliance." More ›

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