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NWP Website Explores Digital Writing

November 2010
NWP's Digital Is website is a collection of ideas, reflections, and stories about what it means to teach writing in our digital, interconnected world. More ›

Teaching Writing in the Digital Age

November 2010
Joel Malley of the Western New York Writing Project created this video to document his writing instruction in a digital classroom. More ›

Definition of Writing Shifting, Maine Teacher Says

Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning, November 2010
Students of Dave Boardman, Maine Writing Project teacher-consultant, are using video, music, and various multimedia to reimagine the very meaning of reading and writing. More ›


Additional Resources

Tweeting in the Summer Institute and Beyond

July 2010
Grant Faulkner
Teachers in summer institutes across the nation connected via Twitter this summer—discovering a social platform to share viewpoints, resources, and connections—as they built "personal learning networks" that continue on. More ›

NWP Teachers Relaunch Writing with Digital Tools

Education Week, April 2011
Drawing on the experience of Writing Project teachers, an Education Week article makes a case for digital writing that promotes collaboration, enhances students' voice, and supports skill building. More ›

Teachers Use Photo Prompts to Spark Writing

April 2010
Gavin Tachibana
Writing Project teachers are exploring new and exciting ways of using photographs as writing prompts to generate thoughtful pieces of work from writers of all ages. More ›

Michigan Network Learns Together About 21st Century Literacies

April 2010
Laura Roop
Responding to the wishes of many participants at two National Writing Projects of Michigan network meetings, the Red Cedar Writing Project designed a four-day, three-strand capacity-building workshop and invited every NWP site in the state to send a team. More ›

What Is Digital Writing and Why Does It Matter?

October 2010
In today's world of texting, tweeting, blogging, and social networking, young people are writing more than ever. Students are faced with learning multiple new literacies to succeed in our fast-paced, information-rich world, yet most schools have not caught up with the digital reality that students live in daily. More ›

Report Spotlights Revolutionary Use of Technology in Teaching Writing

June 2010
This report examines the critical role that teachers play in driving the use of technology in the classroom, and that technology plays in preparing students for success in the 21st century. More ›

Writing Project Teachers as Writers and Bloggers

March 2010
Grant Faulkner
Writing Project teachers around the nation are increasingly blogging about their classrooms, their pedagogy, education reform, and other topics as they use blogs as a tool for inquiry and reflection—and as a way to converse with a community of educators. More ›

Book Review: The Digital Writing Workshop

February 2010
Ken Martin
Ken Martin, technology liaison with the Maine Writing Project, says this book's emphasis on connecting writing workshops to technology tools will alleviate the fear or preoccupation with which many teachers approach new media. More ›

Teachers Teaching Teachers Focuses on Technology and Teaching Writing

Through a weekly interactive webcast, New York City Writing Project teachers bring together teachers from across the country and the globe to discuss issues of classroom practice with new digital technology and to think through shared curriculum projects. More ›

Tech Liaisons Network in Action Archive

February 2011
Looking for that great Network in Action resource? Use this list to browse the past Network in Action pieces. More ›

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