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2006 Continued Funding Application

This application is for continuing NWP sites only. Learn how to start a new NWP site.

Each National Writing Project site must participate in an annual reporting and review process that supports the renewal of its federal funding. Continuing sites apply for renewal in January by submitting the Continued Funding Application (CFA) by January 11, 2006. This application includes a narrative report of the site's recent accomplishments, challenges, and plans for the year ahead. It also includes a budget request and the submission of core contact information for the site and its leadership.

The CFA must be submitted in hard copy and online. Please submit your CFA online by returning to this page between January 4 and January 11, 2006.

In addition to the 2006 Continued Funding Application, sites must submit a Requested Budget Form (2006-2007), Invitational Summer Institute Schedule (2005), and Site Map. All four of these documents can be downloaded below.


The deadline both for submission of the electronic documents and for receipt of the complete hard-copy packets at the NWP office in Berkeley, California, is 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Wednesday, January 11, 2006. The online submission period is January 4–11, 2006.

How to Submit Applications

1. Mail Hard Copies to the NWP Office.
Each site must mail a hard-copy original (with original signatures) plus three copies of the application and budget to the NWP office in Berkeley:

Richard Sterling, Executive Director
National Writing Project
University of California
2105 Bancroft Way #1042
Berkeley, CA 94720

See specific formatting instructions on the checklist located at the end of the application.

2. Submit an Electronic Copy Online.
In addition, each site must submit an electronic copy of the final application. The online submission period is January 4–11, 2006. Signature pages, donor and support letters, and other items available only as hard copies do not need to be submitted online. Please do not submit electronic files until your site's host institution has officially approved and signed off on their content. (Hard copies and electronic versions should match exactly.)

Application and Budget Forms

Prepare the electronic documents below for uploading as follows:

  1. 2006 Continued Funding Application (Word document required)
    MS Word 2006 Continued Funding Application

  2. Requested Budget Form for a new $45,000 grant ($42,000 without a Technology Liaison). (Excel document required using the most recent budget form from below)
    MS Excel Requested Budget Form (2006 - 2007)

  3. 2005 Invitational Summer Institute Schedule (Word document preferred)
    MS Word Invitational Summer Institute Schedule (2005)

  4. Site Map of the site's leadership structure (Word document preferred)
    MS Word Site Map

  5. Other documents, if applicable (for example, curriculum vitae of new site director or co-director). (Word documents preferred)

Proposals are no longer being accepted. To view the original proposal information, click here.


Downloadable Files

Sample Requested Budget Form (2006-2007)
MS Excel Download MS Excel

Sample Invitational Summer Institute Schedule
MS Word Download MS Word

Sample Site Map
MS Word Download MS Word


For more information, contact Miriam Neidhardt at or 510-643-3013.
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